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The Art

So, what kind of art do you do?

As the site name implies, I mostly create cartoon and 'stylised' art and design. Most of this leans towards character designs and illustrations.

The t-shirt designs in particular are designed to be as bright and bold as possible, featuring fun cartoon-styled characters.

Do you have any major references and influences for your art styles?

Animated cartoons from both movies and TV are a major influence in my work. I also take influence from video game artwork and, occasionally, comics and book illustrations. I try to base my ideas on anything I find aesthetically pleasing, although I currently tend to gravitate more towards works from the '80s and '90s.

What tools do you use?

My traditional art tools are simply pencils and fineliner pens. Although I have previously used coloured pencils and marker pens for colouring, my skills on that end need improving. Most of my sketches and 'black and white' work are traditionally-created.

My digital tools currently consist of a Wacom Intuos tablet, along with the programs Art Rage Lite (for most artwork) and Inkscape (for t-shirt designs and webgraphics). The vast majority of my coloured work was done on either of those programs, with GIMP used very occasionally for certain effects and touch-ups. Some of my earlier digital artwork was created using Art Academy, which is available on various Nintendo brand systems. In the future, I would love to obtain and learn to use some of the more professional art programs.

Can I use your art on my site/social media profile/etc.?

I politely refer you to the small print on the homepage, which reads 'No artwork is to be altered, reused, or redistributed without permission'. If you really, really must use it for something, you'll have to drop me a line and we'll see from there.

The Artist

Who are you?

Just a self-taught artist hoping to get her work out there and make some money in the process.

Can I contact you in any way?

Indeed, you can. My email address is goachercherylATgmailDOTcom (symbols have been removed to prevent spambots).

Is that all? Are you not on Facebook or Twitter or anything like that?

In all honesty, I have no interest in using modern, centralised social media. The nearest I have to such an account is my DeviantART account, which I still use. If you wish to contact me elsewhere, that will be your best bet.

T-Shirts and the Webstores

Where can I buy CeeGee Toons-branded merchanise?

My designs are available on webstores hosted by Teepublic and Teemill.

What are the major differences between the two?

The Teepublic store is the major international focus for CeeGee Toons merchandise. As well as t-shirts and apparel, you can also buy other merchandise including travel mugs, laptop cases, tote bags, and stickers (subject to availability).

The Teemill store is UK-based, and thus focused to a domestic audience. Only t-shirts are currently available, although other items may be introduced as part of seasonal promotions.

Not all of the current t-shirt designs are available at Teemill. Why is this?

It's simply a case of how the two stores handle merchandise. Teepublic allows for a large number of designs to be available, with few limits on what merchandise each design can be used on. By contrast, Teemill has a strict limit on how many items can be made available at any one time. As a result, the designs and merchandise types on Teemill are more likely to be on rotation, with certain designs and items being retired and introduced throughout the year. It's almost like the difference between running a huge warehouse-based store, and a smaller high street shop.

Will retired designs return to the Teemill store eventually?

Never say never, is all I can say on that. Indeed, certain designs may come and go on a seasonal basis.

The Website and Others

I think this website's cool. Can I link to it?

Of course! I appreciate honest attempts to spread the word. Just point the link to 'http://www.ceegeetoons.co.uk', and you should be good to go! If you prefer to use buttons and banners for your links, here are some I made earlier that you can use.

Standard size banner (468x60px)
CeeGee Toons standard size banner

Large banner (499x100px)
CeeGee Toons banner

Button (100x50px)
CeeGee Toons button

All I ask is that you save the images to your own folders and servers before using them, rather than hotlinking them straight from here. Thank you.

The front page mentions you created graphics for a website called Club Nintendo Archives. What's the story behind that?

Club Nintendo Archives was an early webdesign project of mine that I still maintain. During a site redesign, I decided to completely overhaul the graphics, switching out the official artwork with new art that I designed myself. I loosely based the style on late '80s to early '90s video game art, as befitting the gaming era the site covers.

Have you ever made any other websites?

Going back to the 2000s, I used to use free web design templates to create my first art site - The FireHawk's Realm - the final design of which looked rather bare-bones. In fact, it was partially the desire to not rely on templates, like so many others these days, that led me to learning how to properly code a website, which in turn led to the creation of this very site you are looking at now!