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Here is the current rundown of news and offers relating to the CeeGee Toons webstores, as well as a handy Q&A section. You can return to the T-shirts page here.

Fluffball: T-Shirts for sale!

Sales and offers for February/March 2020

19th-23rd Feb.: Sale at CeeGee Toons Teepublic.

28th Feb.-1st Mar.: Free UK shipping at CeeGee Toons Teemill.

Product News

Sweaters at CeeGee Toons Teemill: Christmas might be long over, but it's still cold outside. So a new batch of sweaters have been added to CeeGee Toons Teemill to go alongside our existing options, including the return of the classic 'This is my Happy Face' and 'Hands off my Nuts' designs! Check them out here!

Webstore Q&A

What are the major differences between Teepublic and Teemill?

The Teepublic store is the major international focus for CeeGee Toons merchandise. As well as t-shirts and apparel, you can also buy other merchandise including travel mugs, laptop cases, tote bags, and stickers (subject to availability).

The Teemill store is UK-based, and thus focused to a domestic audience. Only t-shirts are usually available, although other items, such as sweaters, may be introduced as part of seasonal promotions.

Not all of the current t-shirt designs are available at Teemill. Why is this?

It's simply a case of how the two stores handle merchandise. Teepublic allows for a large number of designs to be available, with few limits on what merchandise each design can be used on. By contrast, Teemill has a strict limit on how many items can be made available at any one time. As a result, the designs and merchandise types on Teemill are more likely to be on rotation, with certain designs and items being used and retired throughout the year.

Will retired designs return to the Teemill store eventually?

Never say never, is all I can say on that. Indeed, certain designs may come and go on a seasonal basis.

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